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Speaking part 2

Talk about someone you know who takes good photos:

you should talk about:

-who he/she is

-What he/she takes photos of

-what he/she does with his/her photos

And explain why you think he/she is a good photographer

Counter Questions

Photos in General

  • Do you think people today take more photos than they used to?

Yes I believe today people take more photos than they used to and the reason behind is the advanced technology we are using. In this century almost everyone has a smartphone and most of the phones are equipped with great cameras that allow a user to take amazing photos anytime. In addition to this, you also get front and rear camera to have more personalize experience.So the answer is YES.

  • What kinds of photos do most people like to keep or send to other people?

People usually like to keep and send some useful images such as photos related to their study, work, official documents, greetings images, and also some picture with great quotes to inspire colleagues, friends, and family.

  • Do you think people should take lessons to learn how to take professional photos?


No I don’t think so. I believe it is not necessary for everyone to learn how to take professional photos because people who aren’t interested in taking photos can hire someone else for that job and it can support our economy in generating employment. But those who desire to learn photography and who want to pursue their career in this field can certainly go for the lessons. However I think people should have a basic knowledge of clicking photos as it has become a part of day-to-day life.


Media and Photography

  1. What are some of the differences between a written news story and a news story with photos?

Ans. In a written news story one finds only text, but in news story with photos, you can see photos along with text which makes it more impressive and relevant to the context. Since the advance technology has arrived everyone wants to read news stories that have pictures, cartoons along with the text.

Is it a positive development that news stations ask people to send in their own photos of news events as they are happening?

Ans. I believe yes it is a positive development. These days it’s easy to create rumours about anything but providing the proof of any happening makes it pertinent. So I think it’s good to ask people to send their own photos of news events.

Has journalism changed since photos can send immediately from one side of the world to the other within minutes?

Ans. Absolutely! It has changed and it is altered in a positive sense. Today journalism has become technologically advanced that helps it delivering authenticate news with relevant photos and videos related to the news.

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