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Describe a time when you had to go to the doctor’s/hospital

You should say:

  • What was wrong with you
  • How you felt at that time
  • What happened at the doctor’s/hospital

And explain what treatment you were given to help you get better.

a number of lifestyle changes

improve your overall health

life expectancy

can quit smoking, reduce stress, eat a balanced diet, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly

get vaccinations/immunizations

health insurance

suffer/sustain serious injuries

minor injuries

broken/fractured a bone

put your leg in a cast

an ointment to prevent infection

have a minor ailment like a headache

can take some aspirin to relieve the pain

suffer from a chronic condition (a condition that continues for a long time

over-the counter

prescription medications

help alleviate the symptoms

have a cold

catch a cold

is diagnosed with a more serious illness

terminally ill – in other words, the person will definitely die of the disease soon

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