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Describe a good law in​ ​your country

  • What is the law
  • How you came to know about this law
  • Whom does it affect
  • Why is it good

And explain how you feel about it


breaks the law (does something illegal

horrible crimes – like a savage rape or a brutal murder – can be described as barbaric, horrible, or vicious crimes

attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, or attempted break-in


an alleged assault, alleged harassment, or alleged rape

reports the crime

begin to investigate the crime

visit the crime scene and gather forensic evidence (collect details like bullets, fingerprints, or blood samples that can show what happened

witnesses come forward

hear a first-hand account (a story told by a person who saw the event

motives for the crime

arrest suspects

can prove their innocence by providing a solid alibi

the case remains an unsolved crime

crime wave.

A first-time offender

a serial killer (a person who has killed multiple people over time)

heavily involved in organized crime- notorious criminal


Collocations for specific crimes / criminals:

a cold-blooded killer/murderer – a person who doesn’t have feeling or emotion

a crazed/psychopathic killer – a killer who is insane or mentally unbalanced

domestic violence – when there is violence inside a home, for example, a husband beating his wife

drug trafficking – the purchase, sale, and transport of illegal drugs

identity theft – when a criminal steals an innocent person’s identifying information and uses it in an illegal way

sexual harassment – when one person makes undesired sexual advances towards another person

petty crime – a minor crime

armed robbery – when criminals steal something, while using weapons

responsible for passing laws (approving new laws to be put into practice

in charge of upholding and enforcing the law (applying the law to the population

is charged with a crime (formally accused of the crime)

must appear in court to stand trial (be judged guilty or innocent

the judge or jury will reach a verdict (arrive at a decision).

is irrefutable, overwhelming, or concrete evidence

jury will be unanimous (meaning they all agree)

evidence is circumstantial or inconclusive (the evidence does not 100% prove the conclusion)

have a hung jury

a light sentence (a small punishment) –

pay a fine or do community service

a harsh sentence such as life in prison (or life imprisonment) or, in some places, the death penalty.

appeal the verdict (try to change the decision),

turn into a prolonged legal battle

As a convicted criminal is serving time (spending time in prison

being released from prison early for good behavior

threat to society

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