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Describe a city in your country that you would like to visit.
– what and where is it?
– what can people do there?
– why do you want to go there?

Part 3 Questions
-Will you go there by yourself or with friends?
– When do you plan to do it?
– How will it make you feel when you are there?
– When is the best time to visit it?


Suggested words and phrases (with collocation)

towering skyscrapers= very tall buildings

noise pollution= excessive noise

coastal city = a city near the ocean

high-rise building

industrial zone

cozy little house

the outskirts of the city=on the outer edge of the city, not in the center

hectic pace= the fast and chaotic rhythm

bustling streets =busy streets filled with people

strewn with litter= filled with garbage

traffic jams = stopped traffic

narrow cobblestone streets=

eighteenth-century buildings

quaint shops = charming and old-fashioned shops

gourmet restaurants

local cuisine = the typical food of the region

open-air market = an outdoor market

main square

street vendors = people selling things on the street

trendy cafés = modern, stylish, and popular cafés

inner-city areas = older, central, crowded part of a city, usually filled with poor people and possibly violence

street crime

cultural diversity

pulsating nightlife= having many exciting bars and clubs

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